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a lifetime’s interest in WW1 aeroplanes and the chance meeting of two fanatics has led to the formation of “aviattic”...

this website is a shop for our exciting new products and a research resource. our albums are packed full of images of interest to the WW1 model maker, scale enthusiast, replica builder or researcher and are added to constantly!

as well as producing our own meticulously researched and detailed decals we are dedicated to bringing you new ww1 model aircraft conversion sets, accessories and figures - all being researched, prototyped and developed with some of the world’s most gifted modellers, sculptors, designers and CAD artists passionate about ww1 aviation and striving to bring you the very best!

(All photographs on the site are TAKEN BY US or are copyright free as far as we know. please inform us if otherwise and credit will be given OR THEY WILL BE REMOVED.)

This site is very much a work in progress so please visit regularly!

“Happy hunting, gentlemen!”   MvR

Richard Andrews and Harry Green
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